A08 Guest Paging System

Perfect solution for: Fast Food Restaurant, Restaurant, Hotel, Dining Hall, Cafe, Bar etc.

  • Tone/Vibration/Flash Pager
  • For guest paging
  • Compact, programmable
  • 2 adresses w/ functions
  • Wireless POCSAG Trasmitter
  • Desk Type, user friendly
  • Active Voltage Range: DC 5V/3A
  • Charger current: 2.4A(MAX)

Product Description

AL-A08 Features:

  • Tone / Vibration / Flash pager
  • For guest paging / Compact size
  • PC Programmable / A08TCP Programmable
  • Tone, vibrate, and flash alert
  • Over the air “off”
  • 2 addresses (with two functions per address)
  • Three LED
  • Lipo battery 3.8V 400mAH

Wireless Transmitter Features:

  • Wireless POCSAG Transmitter
  • Up to 99 capcodes
  • Desk Type
  • User friendly interface
  • 13 Buttons
  • Active Voltage Range: DC 5V/3A
  • Manual programmable
  • The coverage can reach up to 0.8-1 KM in open space,
    while it’s about 200-300 meters indoor
  • The transmitter is a perfect solution for:
    Fast Food Restaurant, Restaurant, Hotel, Dining Hall, Cafe, Bar etc.

Charger Features:

  • Charge Current: 2.4A(MAX)
  • Dimension (mm): 130(W)x145(H)x50(D) mm
  • Weight: 250g


Tone Pager AL-A08

Frequency UHF 430~470 MHz
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz, 25KHz
Paging Sensitivity 1200bbs-12┬ÁV/M
Spurious Rejection 50 dBc
Dimension (mm) 63(W)x95(H)x17(D)mm
Weight 69g

Wireless Transmitter

Frequency UHF 430~470 MHZ
Modulation Type F3D
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz, 25KHz
Output Power 10mW/100mW
Harmonic Radiation -60 dBc or less -36dBm 
Frequency Stability +1ppm
Antenna type Helica antenna
Current Consumption <10mA
Dimension (mm) 130(W)x145(H)x50(D) mm
Weight 246g


Charge Current 2.4A(MAX)
Dimension (mm) 130(W)x145(H)x50(D) mm
Weight 250g


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