RP-125 Wireless Paging Repeater

Wireless repeater for extending the coverage area of in-house paging systems

  • Wirelessly receives and rebroadcasts pages
  • Powerful 1 and 5 watt output modes
  • Multi-layer support for cascading up to seven repeaters

Product Description

The Apollo RP125 wireless repeater is designed to quickly and easily extend the coverage area of any in-house paging system, indoors or out. The RP125 can wirelessly receive and rebroadcast pages directly from a system’s source transmitter, or from another RP125 for extending range even further.

Primary features of the RP125 include:

  • Powerful 1 or 5 watt output modes, roughly equivalent to additional coverage of between 1/2 and 2-1/2 miles in unobstructed open space;
  • A rugged, ultra-compact, machined alumninum housing — about the size of two decks of cards;
  • Programmable narrowband or wideband operation.

When using a single RP125, deployment is as simple as programming the unit to receive and re-transmit at the same frequency as the source transmitter, and placing the RP125 within the transmitter’s existing coverage area. All pages/capcodes can be passed through, or only a specified range.

The RP125 integrates seamlessly with all Apollo transmitter models, and is especially well-suited for those with 1/2 watt or less of onboard output power, including all TE series desktop and portable handheld transmitters. Because it adheres to standard paging protocols, the RP125 is also compatible with virtually any other POCSAG transmitter.

The RP125 also features independently programmable receive and transmit frequencies — for receiving source signals at one frequency and rebroadcasting them at another — making it suitable for more advanced re-paging applications.

In multi-layer mode, up to seven RP125 repeaters can be cascaded in any configuration — rebroadcasting at the same frequency as the source, or with up to seven frequency changes as the signal passes through each repeater. Each successive RP125 can be programmed to listen only to the previous one, with the first RP125 designated as the master repeater receiving signals directly from a source transmitter.

When ordering, choose any model with an operating range that matches the transmission frequencies of the target system.


SKU RP-125
Paging Protocol / Format POCSAG
Transmitter Form Factor Ultra-compact desktop / wall mount
Transmitter Paging Methods / Message Types Repeater only (receives and rebroadcasts all POCSAG message types sent by the source transmitter)
Number of Pagers / Capcodes Supported Unlimited (number determined by system where pages originate); option for lower and upper address limit to restrict repeater to a range of pagers/capcodes; option to ignore up to 12 capcodes
Pager Baud / Bit Rates (bps) 512 / 1200 / 2400 (programmable)
LCD Display No onboard display
LED Indicators 1 power LED; 1 transmission in-progress LED
Indicator Sounds No onboard sounds
Connections Power supply input; BNC antenna input; RS-232 serial port for PC programming (standard DE9/DB9 9-pin D-Sub female)
External Antenna BNC antenna included
Power Supply Laptop-style external power adapter (DC 12V, 3A) with 2-pin green “L type” screw terminal block connector
Available Frequency Bands VHF, UHF
Bandwidth Options Operates narrowband (12.5 kHz) or wideband (25 kHz), selectable via software programming
Output Power 1 watt and 5 watt modes, selectable via programming software
Paging Channels 1 paging channel with programmable transmission frequency, independently programmable receive frequency, bandwidth (wideband or narrowband), and output power (1 or 5 watts)
Housing Material Heavy gauge machined aluminum
Color Machined aluminum
Special Ratings & Certifications RoHS compliant
Additional Features Multi-layer mode for cascading up to seven RP125 repeaters, receiving and rebroadcasting at the same frequency as the source or with up to seven frequency changes as the signal passes through each repeater
Package Contents Transmitter; power adapter; BNC antenna; RS-232 serial programming cable (male-to-female DE9/DB9); 4 mounting screws
Warranty 1 year parts and labor

Optional: 3 year extended warranty (2 additional years); 5 year extended warranty (4 additional years)

Common Applications / Industries Automotive Dealers & Service Centers, Construction, Facilities Maintenance & Engineering, Fire & EMS, Healthcare (Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Care Homes), Hotels / Resorts / Casinos, Public Safety, Residential Complexes, Restaurants / Bars / POS, Schools / Colleges / Universities, Shipping & Storage Yards / Loading Docks, Shopping Malls, Warehouses


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