TA-500 Wired Paging Booster Amplifier

Wired amplifier for boosting the signal and coverage area of an in-house paging transmitter

  • Easy BNC connection to a transmitter’s antenna port
  • Powerful 5 watt output

Product Description

The Apollo TA500 wired amplifer is designed to quickly and easily extend the coverage area of any in-house paging transmitter. Deployment is as simple as connecting the TA500 to the antenna output of a transmitter, and resuming paging as usual. The TA500 requires no programming.

Features of the TA500 include:

  • Powerful 5 watt output, roughly equivalent to coverage of 2-1/2 miles in unobstructed open space;
  • A rugged, ultra-compact, machined alumninum housing — about the size of two decks of cards;
  • UHF operation, with a single TA500 covering all frequencies in the UHF band.

The TA500 integrates seamlessly with all Apollo transmitter models, and is especially well-suited for models with 1/2 watt or less of onboard output power, including all TE series desktop transmitters. Connection between the transmitter’s antenna output and the TA500 is with a standard BNC patch cable. Because it adheres to a standard signal amplifier design, the TA500 is also compatible with other in-house paging transmitters.

When ordering, choose any model with an operating range that matches the frequency range of the source transmitter, and choose with or without the optional 3-foot BNC patch cable. The TA500 is currently available in UHF only.


SKU TA-500
Paging Protocol / Format Amplifier only (protocol support determined by source transmitter)
Transmitter Form Factor Ultra-compact desktop / wall mount
Transmitter Paging Methods / Message Types Amplifier only (paging method and type determined by source transmitter)
Number of Pagers / Capcodes Supported Support determined by paging system (amplifier only)
Pager Baud / Bit Rates (bps) Support determined by source transmitter (amplifier only)
LCD Display No onboard display
LED Indicators 1 power LED; 1 transmission in-progress LED
Indicator Sounds No onboard sounds
Connections Power supply input; BNC antenna input; BNC transmitter input; RS-232 serial port for PC programming (standard DE9/DB9 9-pin D-Sub female)
External Antenna BNC antenna included
Power Supply Laptop-style external power adapter (DC 12V, 3A) with 2-pin green “L type” screw terminal block connector
Available Frequency Bands UHF
Bandwidth Options Amplifier only (works with narrowband or wideband signals as sent by transmitter)
Output Power 5 watts
Housing Material Heavy gauge machined aluminum
Color Machined aluminum
Special Ratings & Certifications RoHS compliant
Additional Features N/A
Package Contents Transmitter; power adapter; BNC antenna; optional BNC input cable (3 foot); RS-232 serial programming cable (male-to-female DE9/DB9); 4 mounting screws
Warranty 1 year parts and labor

Optional: 3 year extended warranty (2 additional years); 5 year extended warranty (4 additional years)

Common Applications / Industries Automotive Dealers & Service Centers, Construction, Dispatch Centers, Facilities Maintenance & Engineering, Fire & EMS, Guest & Patient Calling, Healthcare (Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Care Homes), Hotels / Resorts / Casinos, Kitchen Call, Lobbies & Waiting Rooms, On-Site Daycare, Public Safety, Residential Complexes, Restaurants / Bars / POS, Schools / Colleges / Universities, Service Desks, Shipping & Storage Yards / Loading Docks, Shopping Malls, Warehouses


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