VP101 Pro Voice Pager

Built-in Synthesized Crystal UHF 400~470Mhz, VHF 100~174Mhz frequencies PC Programmable, Password Protected
Compact 1-Channel voice pager with 2 minutes stored voice and Squelch Control Record Method

  • IP52 rating for dust and water protection
  • UL-certified for use in hazardous locations
  • Powered by a standard AA rechargeable battery
  • Narrowband / wideband programmable

Product Description

The rugged and compact Apollo VP101Pro 1-channel voice pager is the narrowband/wideband programmable version of the original VP101. Along with 2 minutes stored voice (standard on all VP101 models), the VP101Pro adds a programmable Squelch Control Record Method feature to help minimize the annoyance of channel noise during broadcasting pauses. Other features include:

  • Power via a standard AA NiMH rechargeable battery, field-swappable for a standard AA alkaline battery when AC power or a charger is unavailable;
  • Heavy gauge polycarbonate plastic housing rated IP52 for dust and water protection;
  • Switchable between narrowband and wideband operation with a simple programming setting;
  • 100% of pager components available as spare parts.
When ordering, choose any model with a frequency range that includes your paging channel frequency. The standard slow-charging desktop cradle (approximately 12 hours full recharge time) may be upgraded to a quick-charging cradle (approximately 4 hours full recharge time). Available in all black or black with red knob, grips, buttons, and trim.


SKU VP-101
Pager Type Voice, rechargeable
Paging Protocol / Format Voice / Two-Tone Sequential
Number of Channels 1
Pager Form Factor Compact handheld / clip-on
Available Frequency Bands VHF, UHF
Bandwidth Options Operates narrowband (12.5 kHz) or wideband (25 kHz), selectable via software programming
Number of Call Addresses 6 total (4 two-tone addresses, 2 single-tone “group” addresses)
Controls Volume/on-off rotary switch; 2-position slide switch for alert type (beep or vibe); play button; reset/monitor button
Programmable Function Modes Selective Call; Monitor
LED Indicators 2 multi-function LED lamps
LCD Display N/A
Alert Methods for Pages Beep; vibe; LED; low battery (beep/LED)
Alert Volume for Pages 90 dBA at 12″ (30cm)
Voice Volume 87 dBA at 12″ (30cm)
Voice Storage Standard on all models: 2 minutes / 120 seconds (slots programmable in 30 second increments)
Battery Type NiMH Rechargeable AA
Battery Configuration 1 x AA NiMH rechargeable (field swappable with standard AA alkaline when used without charger)
Charger Standard: Desktop slow charging cradle (approximately 12 hours full recharge time) with spare battery charging compartment (1 x AA)

Optional: Desktop quick charging cradle (approximately 4 hours full recharge time) with spare battery charging compartment (1 x AA)

Housing Material Heavy gauge polycarbonate and TPE plastic with anti-slip rubberized side grips and IP52 rating for dust and water protection
Color Black
Special Ratings & Certifications UL-certified for use in hazardous locations (Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D; includes Canada), IP52 rating for dust and water protection, RoHS compliant
Additional Features Programmable Squelch Control Record Method (automatically eliminates channel noise during broadcasting pauses when in Selective Call mode); 2.5mm earphone / speaker jack; powered by a standard AA NiMH battery (field-swappable for standard alkaline when used without charger).
Package Contents Pager with removable belt clip; desktop charging cradle with AC adapter; 1 x AA NiMH rechargeable battery
Warranty 1 year parts and labor

Optional: 3 year extended warranty (2 additional years); 5 year extended warranty (4 additional years)

Common Applications / Industries Federal Government, Fire & EMS, Public Safety, Schools / Colleges / Universities, Shipping & Storage Yards / Loading Docks, Warehouses

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