TE-100 (8-Button) Portable Transmitter

Ultra-portable handheld transmitter for in-house paging with customizeable canned messages

  • 8 buttons for one-touch paging
  • Page from anywhere onsite
  • AAA battery powered with optional charging cradle and NiMH rechargeable batteries

Product Description

The new Apollo TE100 Plus series of 1, 4, or 8-button transmitters offer the same overall features as the original TE100. Enhancements to the TE100 Plus include charging contacts for an optional charging cradle, and a larger frequency range (UHF only). A single TE100 Plus will cover all frequencies in the UHF band.

The Apollo TE100 Plus series provides one-touch in-house paging with customizeable canned messages — all from an ultra-portable handheld device that is smaller than most mobile phones. Paging is as easy as pressing a button, from virtually anywhere onsite.

Each button on the TE100 Plus is tied to it’s own pager capcode address and unique canned message (up to 120 characters each). The TE100 Plus 8-Button models can be used either as an ‘8-pager transmitter’ — with one button devoted to each pager — or as an ‘8-message transmitter’ — with one button devoted to each canned message, but an unlimited number of pagers programmed to receive them.

Instead of first relaying messages to a stationary workstation, TE100 Plus users have the flexibility of roaming and paging directly on-the-fly, improving workflow and multitasking for supervisors and front-line staff. For guest or patient call applications, the TE100 Plus can help shave valuable minutes off of wait times, improving customer service while accelerating turnover. The flexibility afforded by the TE100 Plus also invites new and unique creative applications that would not be possible with stationary transmitters.

Because it adheres to standard paging protocols, the TE100 Plus is compatible with virtually any POCSAG pager, including all Apollo alphanumerics, numerics, LED signs, and desktop pagers, as well as simplified staff and guest call pagers, even those without an LCD (for alert-only paging without receiving a canned written message). This makes the TE100 Plus suitable for any new in-house paging system, or for an existing fleet of pagers, regardless of type.

Other features include:

  • Power from standard AAA batteries, with an optional charging cradle (requires NiMH rechargeable AAA batteries);
  • Powerful 1/2 watt output (roughly equivalent to a 1/4 mile of coverage in unobstructed open space), providing ample coverage for most applications; for larger facilities or those with trouble spots, the TE100 can be easily paired with a 5-watt Apollo RP125 wireless repeater, instantly providing ten times the range.

The TE100 Plus brings affordable in-house paging — with no recurring costs — to a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  • Any service desk;
  • Healthcare facilities (hospitals, doctors offices, care homes, patient or resident common areas and waiting areas);
  • Schools, colleges, and universities;
  • Restaurants, lounges, bars, and coffee shops;
  • Hotels, resorts, and casinos;
  • Large residential complexes
  • Warehouses, loading docks, shipping and storage yards;
  • Shopping malls;
  • Automotive dealers and service centers.

When ordering, choose any model with an operating range that includes your intended paging frequency, and choose with or without the optional charging cradle and NiMH rechargeable AAA batteries (required for use with charger).


SKU TE-100-8
Paging Protocol / Format POCSAG
Transmitter Form Factor Ultra-compact handheld, battery operated
Transmitter Paging Methods / Message Types One-Touch paging, Canned alphanumeric paging (custom preprogrammed messages), Canned numeric paging (custom preprogrammed messages), “Alert-Only” / “Call-Only” paging (alerts pager without a written message)
Number of Pagers / Capcodes Supported Up to 8 pager capcode addresses, one per button (one-touch calling for 8 pagers or 8 one-touch messages for an unlimited number of pagers sharing the 8 capcodes)
Pager Baud / Bit Rates (bps) 512 / 1200 / 2400 (programmable)
Onboard Keypad 8 soft rubberized buttons for one-touch paging
External Keyboard Not supported
LCD Display No LCD display
LED Indicators 1 transmission-in-progress LED
Indicator Sounds Keypad beep (enable or disable)
Language Selection N/A
Connections Antenna input (SMA female); 3.5mm threaded mounting insert for quick-release belt clip or similar accessories; charging contacts for use with optional charging cradle
External Antenna Antenna included (SMA male)
Battery Type Alkaline AAA
Battery Configuration 3 x AAA (accepts standard alkaline when used without charging cradle; requires NiMH rechargeable when used with optional charging cradle)
Charger Optional TE100 series slow-charging cradle (for use with NiMH rechargeable AAA batteries only)
Programming Methods Full programming with PC via USB programmer (sold separately), No hand programming direct from device
Hand Programming Features N/A (all programming via PC)
Message Management Features Customizable canned message for each button (up to 130 characters each); programmable auto-repeat page option
Date & Time Features N/A (no display or transmission of date/time)
Housing Material Heavy duty ABS plastic
Color Black
Special Ratings & Certifications RoHS compliant
Additional Features N/A
Available Frequency Bands UHF
Bandwidth Options Operates wideband only (25 kHz efficiency)
Output Power 0.5 watts
Transmitter External Control Not supported (all operation via onboard controls only)
Transmitter External Paging Control Protocols No
Package Contents Transmitter; SMA antenna; 3 x AAA alkaline batteries; optional charger and 3 x NiMH rechargeable AAA batteries (550 mAh)
Warranty 1 year parts and labor

Optional: 3 year extended warranty (2 additional years); 5 year extended warranty (4 additional years)

Common Applications / Industries Automotive Dealers & Service Centers, Construction, Facilities Maintenance & Engineering, Guest & Patient Calling, Healthcare (Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Care Homes), Hotels / Resorts / Casinos, Lobbies & Waiting Rooms, On-Site Daycare, Residential Complexes, Restaurants / Bars / POS, Schools / Colleges / Universities, Service Desks, Shipping & Storage Yards / Loading Docks, Shopping Malls, Warehouses


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