Pilot XP A28 Alpha Numeric Pager

Rechargeable alphanumeric pager with extra large 4-line display with bold 2 line zoom
Built-in Synthesized Crystal UHF 400~470Mhz, VHF 100~174Mhz 929~932Mhz frequencies can be programmed manually on the Device, Password Protected

  • Narrowband / wideband programmable
  • VHF / UHF
  • IP54 rating for dust and water protection
  • Powered by a standard AAA rechargeable battery
  • Simultaneous beep and vibe
  • Includes Standard Charging Dock

Product Description

The rechargeable, full-size ALA28S Pilot XP alphanumeric pager is ideal for more demanding environments. Enhancements over traditional pagers include:

  • A heavy gauge polycarbonate plastic housing rated IP54 for dust and water protection;
  • 6 large navigation buttons with dedicated up/down/right/left controls, rubberized for more reliable operation in wet or dry conditions;
  • Power from a standard AAA NiMH rechargeable battery,¬†swappable with a standard AAA alkaline battery for emergency situations when AC power or a charger are unavailable;
  • A bright LED lamp and the option of simultaneous beep and vibe for improved alerting.

The model ALA28S Pilot XP also features:

  • The largest LCD of any full-size pager in the industry — almost 30% larger (approximately 2-1/4″” wide by 3/4″” tall)¬†— while maintaining virtually the same overall pager size;
  • Characters that are nearly 1/4″” tall by 1/8″” wide when zoomed to 2 lines, still with 16 characters per line;
  • A crisp blue backlight;
  • “Source Prompt” custom aliases for each capcode, to clearly tag each message according to the capcode it was sent to (up to 18 alphanumeric characters per alias)
  • Narrowband or wideband operation (selectable via programming software).

When ordering, choose any model with a frequency range that includes your paging frequency. The ALA28S Pilot XP operates narrowband or wideband. Comes with desktop quick charging cradle which may be upgraded to an amplified charging cradle with hi/lo volume switch and relay output, or an amplified charging cradle with hi/lo volume switch only (no relay output).


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