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The SP101 converts alphanumeric pages into speech. This device is excellent for visually impaired users or notifying a group of users at once. There is also a relay available to trigger additional alert methods, such as a light or siren.

Product Description

  • Text to Speech
  • Relay Option
  • External Antenna


SKU SP101 Ver 1.0
Frequency (MHz) VHF UHF
UHF 152~159 450~460 | 460~470
Mechanism Mechanism N/A
  Dropping Endurance From 90 cm height
  Vibration Test N/A
  Water Reistance N/A
Sensitivity Alpha 1200bps(dBm) -122 -122
RF Spurious Rejection (dBc) 55 50
1’st Image 42.8MHz(dBc) 55 55
2’st Image 900KHz(dBc) 60 55
Adjacent Channel+/- 25KHz (dBc) 60 60
Test frequency and VCO Voltage 159@ 2.2+/-0.1 455.05@ 1.4+/-0.1 | 465.05@ 1.4+/-0.1
450KHz variation range 450K +/- 200Hz 455K +/- 200Hz
ESD Contact:+/-6kv Air:+/-15kv
Audio & Alert Volume(dBa) test distance: 30cm 98dB
Current consumption  
Receiver Current 128mA
Standby Current 123mA
Receviing reliablity 8 hours / constantly
  100 pages
Temperature endurcement (-10~+60) Celsius

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