Apollo Coaster PagersA05 Coaster Pager

The Apollo A05 coaster pager has been a huge success since its release date. From Restaurants to Medical Facilities, our coasters are being used in various different industries to allow their guests to roam freely. Below are the top 5 reasons why many choose the Apollo Coaster Pager

  1. Prevent Theft: Since the pager is in the shape of a coaster, it is not conveniently lost in your customer’s pocket.
  2. Strong Vibration Notifications: Pages to your coaster pager are Silent/Discreet with a powerful vibe motor so your client does not have to guess if he is being paged or not.
  3. Bright LED Display: Along with the coaster pagers strong vibration, your customer can also be alerted with a colorful and bright LED Notification.
  4. Ad Space: Our Coaster pagers provide room for a vinyl advertisement of maybe a promotion, special, or branding. This ad space can help you see an instant return on investment.
  5. User Replaceable Batteries: Tired of having to buy new coaster pagers every year or two? Unlike the majority of other coaster pagers on the market today, most manufactures require a soldered on battery, making you replace your units every 2 years. When you are dealing with a number of coasters the price to fix and replace becomes quite costly. Our units are simple and user friendly designed to outlast other coaster pagers on the market. Screw driver and replacement NiMh AAA rechargeable is all you need! No returning or replacing necessary!

Still need more help determining the best guest pager for your organization? Contact us today at 1-800-540-5700 and have one of our trained paging specialists analyze your needs today!

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