RCE100 Pageable Telemetry Relay

Pageable single relay with 3-pin connector for on/off control of custom-interfaced external devices

Product Description

The Apollo RCE100 Pageable Relay combines a simple pager with an onboard relay, enabling system integrators and other advanced users to control external devices. A simple “alert-only” / “call-only” page (with no written message) turns the relay on or off. For additional details, contact an Apollo DPC sales professional.

When ordering, choose any model with an operating range that includes your intended paging frequency.


Pager Type Pageable telemetry device for custom interfacing with external equipment
Paging Protocol / Format POCSAG
Pager Form Factor Ultra-compact wall mount telemetry pager
Available Frequency Bands VHF, UHF, 900 MHz
Bandwidth Options Operates wideband only (25 kHz efficiency)
Pager Baud / Bit Rates (bps) 512 / 1200 / 2400 (programmable)
Capcode Addresses Spec temporarily unavailable
Controls No onboard controls (all configuration and control via programming software and paged over-the-air commands)
LED Indicators 3 LED indicators
LCD Display No LCD display
Power Supply Standard “wall wart” power adapter
Connections 3-pin screw terminal block relay connector; power adapter input
Relay Contacts Common, Normal close (NC), Normal Open (NO)
External Antenna Not supported
Housing Material Heavy gauge polycarbonate plastic
Color Clear Smoke Gray
Special Ratings & Certifications No
Additional Features 2 screw mounts
Package Contents Pageable relay; standard “wall wart” power adapter
Warranty 1 year parts and labor

Optional: 3 year extended warranty (2 additional years); 5 year extended warranty (4 additional years)

Common Applications / Industries Facilities Maintenance & Engineering, Fire & EMS, Healthcare (Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Care Homes), Heavy Industry, Public Safety, Residential Complexes, Schools / Colleges / Universities, Shipping & Storage Yards / Loading Docks, Shopping Malls, Warehouses


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