Emergency Room Station JD-110A (TX)

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Nurse Calling System is an innovative product to give reliable service on patient care that connects guests to caregivers and works ideally for hospital and nurse home. It provided patients the ability to communicate with their assigned nurse and protects patients with round the clock service from doctors to caregivers. The system enables management to track response times and records with computer software. Nurse Calling System improves medical services and maintains medical care efficiency as well as enhancing patient’s satisfaction.

Product Description

  • Patient-Friendly operation to instantly alert nurse
  • LED indicator
  • Doctor / Nurse Button: for emergency case
  • Each emergency call must be cleared by JD-120
  • The coverage can reach up to 800 meters in open space, while it’s about 200-300 meters indoor
  • Maximum Quantity : 200


SKU JD-110A (TX)
Frequency UHF 450 ~ 470 MHz
Modulation Type FSK
Transmitting Power 100 mW
Maximum Deviation ±2.5kHz
Harmonic Radiation 60 dBc or less -36dBm
Frequency Stability ±3 ppm at –10°C ~ +60°C
Antenna Wire 932mm
Active Voltage Range 4.8~6.5V (DC 5V or Alkaline AA battery *4
Current Consumption Standby : 180μA Transmit : 30mA (include LED)
Dimension 100(W)×150(L)×45.2(H) mm
Weight 211.5 g

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