24-Inch AS112 Pageable LED Sign

160 x 16 pixel 24-inch pageable LED sign with 1, 2, and split-line display modes and relay output

  • Narrowband / wideband programmable version
  • Optional Relay Output
  • Wide range of industries and applications
  • Clone existing handheld pagers or use as a dedicated messaging system
  • Wireless and 100% controlled via over-the-air commands

Product Description

The Apollo AS112  is the relay-equipped version of the AS112, expanding its possibilities to custom, paging-based control of external equipment.

As with the rest of the AS112 series, the AS112 combines a full-featured alphanumeric pager with the benefits and flexibility of a 24-inch LED sign. All sign and relay functions are controlled via paged over-the-air commands.

The AS112 series can be used to clone existing handheld pagers, or as a targetted messaging system. Cloning enables the AS112 to simulcast existing pages in locations such as reception areas, supervisor offices, warehouses, dispatch centers, and even vehicles. When used as a dedicated pager, the AS112 can bring targetted messages to any common area for staff or guests — to relay instructions, provide news or other important information, promote marketing campaigns, or improve reaction times during emergencies. The AS112 can also serve as a high-visibility supplement — or quieter alternative — to loudspeaker-based public address systems.

For existing paging systems, the AS112 is as simple to deploy as any handheld pager, with no connections or wiring besides a standard 2-prong power cord. For organizations that are new to paging, the AS112 can be deployed with nothing more than an Apollo local area transmitter — requiring zero wiring and providing greater coverage than typical wifi networks, indoors or out. Because it adheres to standard paging protocols, the AS112 can also be used with virtually any other local area, wide area, or carrier-based paging system, providing additional possibilities for any organization with multiple sites.

The AS112 brings a new dimension to messaging in any environment that can benefit from dynamic, high-visibility communication with staff or guests. This makes the AS112 a unique tool for a diverse range of industries and applications, including:

  • Firehouses
  • Schools, colleges, universities, and houses of worship
  • Healthcare facilities (hospitals, doctors offices, care homes, patient or resident common areas and waiting areas)
  • Ambulances and other medical transport vehicles
  • Buses, trains, cruise ships, and transit stations
  • Hotels, resorts, and casinos
  • Restaurants, lounges, bars, and coffee shops
  • Warehouses, loading docks, shipping and storage yards
  • Automotive dealers and service centers
  • Any service desk
  • Large residential complexes
  • Shopping malls

When ordering, choose any model with a frequency range that includes your paging frequency.


SKU 547
Pager Type Alphanumeric
Paging Protocol / Format POCSAG
Pager Form Factor 24-inch pageable LED sign
Available Frequency Bands UHF
Bandwidth Options Operates narrowband (12.5 kHz) or wideband (25 kHz) (software programmable)
Pager Baud / Bit Rates (bps) 512 / 1200 / 2400 (programmable)
Capcode Addresses 6
LED Color Red
Display Area Size Approximately 24-1/4″ x 5″ (616mm x 127mm)
LED Array Resolution 160 x 16
Display Lines 1, 2, or split (see Display Options)
Character Size 1 line mode: extra large characters approximately 3-3/4″ H x 2″ W (95mm x 51mm); 2 line mode: approximately 2″ H x 1-3/8″ W (51mm x 35mm)
Characters Per Line 1 line mode: 10 extra large characters per line; 2 line and split line mode: 13 characters per line
Screen Finish Easy-read glossy
Message Display Options Programmable 1- or 2-line operation, including 1 line only, 2 lines only, and split line display (with fixed message, time or date display on line 1 and incoming message on line 2); fully configurable scrolling (left/right, right/left, up/down, down/up, with independent settings for message intro and outro), scroll speed, message duration/persistance, and transition effects; programmable message overwrite or repeat (including last in only, first in / first out, last in / first out, and message auto clear with programmable delay); custom default message
Message Management Features Up to 2,000 characters per message with programmable scrolling (see Display Options) and message timestamp option
Date & Time Features Month, Date, Year, Time display with options for real time and/or message timestamp; 12 or 24 hour time formats; multiple short and long date formats
Controls All sign functions controlled via paged over-the-air commands (no physical onboard controls)
Alert Methods for Pages 10 beep and melody patterns (programmable duration); silent mode (all sounds disabled)
Alert Volume for Pages Fixed (enabled or disabled)
Language Selection English; Spanish; French; German; Italian; Portuguese; Danish / Norwegian; Swedish / Finnish
Connections BNC antenna input; programming port (standard DE9/DB9 9-pin D-Sub female for programming with PC via standard RS-232 serial port)
Relay Contacts No onboard relay contacts
External Antenna BNC antenna included
Power Supply Internal AC power supply with attached cable and 2-prong plug (NEMA 1-15P)
Battery Configuration Lithium backup battery (preserves sign configuration and messages)
Housing Material Aluminum, polycarbonate and ABS plastic
Color Black
Special Ratings & Certifications RoHS compliant
Additional Features All sign functions controlled via paged over-the-air commands; heavy duty threaded brass sockets and bolt-on side brackets (included) for easy and secure wall or ceiling mounting with 180 degree rotation
Package Contents LED sign with antenna and AC power cable (attached); mounting brackets with hardware
Warranty 1 year parts and labor
Common Applications / Industries Automotive Dealers & Service Centers, Dispatch Centers, Fire & EMS, Guest & Patient Calling, Healthcare (Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Care Homes), Hotels / Resorts / Casinos, Kitchen Call, Lobbies & Waiting Rooms, On-Site Daycare, Public Safety, Residential Complexes, Restaurants / Bars / POS, Schools / Colleges / Universities, Service Desks, Shipping & Storage Yards / Loading Docks, Shopping Malls, Staff Common Areas, Supervisor Offices, Vehicles, Warehouses

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